Services We Provide

Water Extraction and
Clean Up

Superior Restorations and Construction uses advanced techniques, contractors, and equipment to inspect, extract, and dry water from your home. Contact us today if you are seeking professional water cleanup services in or near Annapolis, MD.

Fire, Smoke, Wind and
Storm Damage

Maryland is sure to supply unique weather conditions all year long. Whether you have recently been the victim of a fire or natural disaster, our team is sure to help you repair the damages. Contact us today for professional repair work in Clinton, MD or surrounding areas.

Emergency Board Up

Superior Restorations and Construction will work with your insurance provider to help provide you coverage and protection after a break in, fire, storm, or other havoc-wreaking instance. Contact us today for effective emergency board up services in or near Upper Marlboro, MD.

Roof Inspection

The number one insurance mistake you can make for your roof is having yours inspected by a less-than-professional company. Don’t let this be the case. Instead, rely on Superior Restorations and Construction in Annapolis to inspect your residential or commercial roof today.

Mold Remediation

If not addressed in appropriate timing, mold can wreak serious havoc on a property. For the wellbeing of yourself and your company, we advise you to ensure that your space is mold-free and well-maintained. Contact us today for mold remediation services near Fort Washington.

Ladder Assistance

Our ladder assistance services work with all roof types to provide insured parties the best and most accurate assessment of their roof for appraisals and settlement decisions. Be sure to contact Superior Restorations and Construction today if you live in or near Dunkirk and are looking for ladder assistance services.

General Construction

Our team of expert contractors is ready and available to partner with you on your next construction project. Our services range from building expansions to drywall installation, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. We service Columbia, Mechanicsville, and neighboring cities.

Insurance Appraisal

Count on Superior Restorations and Construction to provide you with the most accurate and affordable appraisal services in Maryland. We guarantee to give you a proper and professional assessment of your property’s value, so contact us today for appraisals in or near Waldorf, MD.

Casualty Restoration

Superior Restorations and Construction is here to provide you with professional casualty restoration services to amend any damages inflicted on your property. Our reconstruction services will restore your building back to its original condition, so call now for details on our services near Clinton.

Arbitration Assistance

Have access to the most professional and experienced contractors when you name Superior Restorations and Construction as your project’s dispute resolver. We offer assistance with the most complex construction disputes in Annapolis, MD, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.